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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Sermonette - Time Limits

Last week I went on a two-day trip to Ukiah to record an interview with Barbara T. Marshall for her TV show. I stayed in a motel, and I looked forward to the two days with no TV going while I tried to work.

I took my faithful laptop, intending to take care of a lot of writing chores. But oops! Forgot the power cord. That meant I had only three or four hours of time to get stuff done. Which also meant I really had to prioritize. What had to be done?

Post the interview with Heidi Glick. Write last week's Saturday Sermonette. Answer and send emails that couldn't wait. Ditto Facebook--that's how I keep up with a lot of my busy family. Save enough of the battery's life to check the same on the next day.

Limited time, and none to spare. No time to play any computer games. No time to check all the "looks interesting but not necessary to read" posts.

I got to thinking, as often happens in this type of is like this. We're given a short time on this earth. Why waste it doing unimportant stuff? I'm not talking about those times we need for a break or relaxation, I'm talking about the times we spend arguing or gossiping or not talking to loved ones who need to hear from us.

Speaking of which, excuse me while I go make a long-overdue phone call to an old friend...

Lord, please help us remember to put the things that matter on top of our priority list and let the unnecessaries go. Thank You, Lord, for the time You give us. Teach us to use it wisely before our batteries run out.

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