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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Book Review - STALKING WILLOW, by Fay Lamb

Another great one, Fay Lamb--five thumbs up! You have this unique talent for making me forget that I'm just reading a book and begin praying for your characters.

Willow is the daughter of a movie star and a screenwriter whose fame brings her all sorts of unwanted attention, particularly from the paparazzi. Mother (the movie star) doesn't want her in their lives. Father (the screenwriter) talked the mother out of aborting Willow, but was not able to talk the mother into raising their daughter. Willow is left in the care of Granny, his mother.

Willow grows up with the lie that her mother died in childbirth and her father is one of the screenwriter's brothers. Even Granny lied to her--so who can she begin to trust? And now, someone is stalking Willow, sending her photos that verify the man is not only watching everything she does but intending something pretty awful. She can't even find safety in the house Granny left her in Amazing Grace, in the Carolinas.

Who can she trust to keep her safe? The guy, Quentin, who lived next door to her as a child and who she left her broken heart with? Bear, the neighbor in the woods behind her who so fits his name? The cousin who tormented her all through high school?

When the stalker closes in, the tension ramps up. Read at your own risk...

You can order Stalking Willow from Barnes and Nobel or from Amazon. Click on your favorite store's name, and you'll have a direct link to where Willow and Fay Lamb's other books are.

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