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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This Is My Story - What Now, Lord?

Today I chatted on the phone with Lynn Kennedy from Alive in Christ Radio, potentially in regard to being interviewed on their program. Now there's another chat scheduled with Tony Merino, another person from the same station. Bottom line: I'm not sure.

Will I be interviewed? They like to interview published authors. Except for the two self-published children's picture books, which I don't plan to pursue right now, I'm not published. I've got some manuscripts written, yes, but thus far no publishers are beating my door down to put them in print.

I seem to do better at promoting other authors than myself. I'm not good about bragging on myself, but absolutely love promoting the wonderful Christian authors out there.

There are a few authors that I think are inspirationally brilliant (or brilliantly inspirational, take your pick): Kathi Macias, Ginny Yttrup, Francine Rivers, and Jordyn Redwood, just to name a few. Those are just the first that come to mind, but there are many, many more.

There are authors who write about the past to influence our futures. Some tell us the stories of those who are willing to give their lives for God. Then, too, there are a few life-threatening issues that need attention--such as sexual slavery, homelessness, politics--and these authors know how to make us understand the issues.

These phenominal authors write to draw others closer to God. Maybe by promoting their works, encouraging others to read their books, I will do my best writing and so encourage one flagging spirit. Perhaps just one person will become a daughter or son of the Lord.

If so, I have done my job. I will continue to help as many Christian authors and influence readers as the Lord brings my way. Thank You, Lord.
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