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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Morning Sermonette - Who's Leading?

If you were a musical instrument, what would you be? I think I'd like to be a violin, preferably a Stradivarius. And I'd want a master violinist--like say Itzhak Perlman--to weild the bow.

I'd like to be accompanied by the best pianist; in fact, let's go with an entire orchestra. Maybe the London Philharmonic--that sounds perfect. Each instrument would be the best quality, each musician highly talented and well trained.

Each member of the orchestra would have free wills. They could harmonize, or they could go with their own song and beat. It would be up to the individual.

Talk about sheet music for dissonance!

What this bunch of rebels and individualists would need is a good leader--one who could inspire them to play in harmony. It would take someone who knew how to play each instrument. Someone who knew the difficulties each musician faced. Someone who could understand.

But who would be that Maestro?

Who but Jesus? Would you allow Him to be your Leader? Would you let Him bring you into harmony with yourself and with others?


  1. Anne, I am a French horn player and trained as a band director so I know a lot about this idea. I also, in a study on prayer, wrote my own version of the 23rd psalm.I called used Maestro instead of Lord in it. I lost that writing when my house burned but the basics are still with me. The Lord is my maestro. I would be a French horn or a piano as I started lessons when I was 6. I play for a church now. So either of those two would be my pick. AS I trained to be a band director I have the ability to play most instruments. I have forgotten most of that now since I haven't used it in about 13 years when I taught last.

    1. Connie--wow, that is so neat!
      I would love to read your version of the 23rd Psalm. Any chance you could rewrite from memory and send it to me? (email is (I haven't played in a band since high school--and that's been a BUNCH of years ago--but I played the clarinet.)
      Huge blessings on you!


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