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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Morning Sermonette - Drinking the Ocean

Have I ever mentioned that I really love my Sunday Morning Bible Study? I love the Tuesday Morning Women's Group, too, but on Sunday morning, there is just one great Saturday Sermonette topic after another from various ones in the group.

Like this last Sunday, Mike mentioned that trying to thoroughly understand all that God is or does or did is like trying to drink the ocean. God said His ways are so much higher than our ways that we will never understand it all in our lifetimes.

Small pieces occasionally come into my head in terms of understanding Him and what He has for us. One thing is that all things are possible if you believe (and I would add, if you are sure this is what God also wants). I believe in miracles. I've seen them with my own eyes and experienced them in my own body. Yet--it's been a while since that happened--a long while. About thirty years' worth.

Sometimes I envy those people who come to know Him and have never been told, "Oh, the miracles never happen any more. That only happened when Jesus and His disciples walked the earth." I've read accounts by people living in Indonesia and Africa, for instance, who experience miracles because they didn't know that the miracles ended 2000 years ago.

They aren't highly educated, you see. They don't know any better than to take things literally.

Maybe that's my problem now. I've listened to the scoffers. The scoffing side is too heavy for the believing side to push out.

Lord, please send me someone who is still willing to believe that You haven't stopped the miracles. I'm not looking for thrills, but I'd love to be a part of Your healing ministry.
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