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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Review: IT ADDS UP TO MURDER by D.A. Featherling

Have you ever worked in a stressful office? This book just might be up your elevator.

Abigail Newhouse (aka Abby) has just been laid off from her position with the university. She's too young and too financially insecure to retire, so she hires herself out through a temp organization to a firm providing administration to several property management companies.

The CFO is about as cuddly and cute as your average friendly neighborhood rattler. When Abigail arrives one morning to a police barrier and finds out someone has been murdered, her first assumption was someone had handed Viola Grimes her just desserts.

Murder isn't all bad, though. A nice-looking police officer makes it much easier to bear. Lieutenant Nick Vaughn's blue eyes don't seem to miss anything.

More bodies follow. But why does Abby become a target? As a temp, she barely knows anyone or anything. Nick is hard pressed to keep her out of danger.

Well, you know the drill. You have to buy the book to find out the rest. Click on Amazon or Barnes and Nobel to purchase the book. You won't be sorry!
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