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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Book Review: Florian's Gate by Davis Bunn

Florian's Gate, Priceless Collection Series #1

I have to give him this: that Davis Bunn knows how to write. His descriptions are vivid and put you right into the place and action. Fast paced and intriguing, particularly if you love antiques and history!

Jeffrey Sinclair, a young American bored with his job, is suddenly offered a dream job by an obscure and slightly scandalous uncle, Alexander Kantor. Kantor has a prosperous antique business in London, and he wants to be free to travel. After teaching his nephew the ropes, he leaves for parts unknown, giving Jeffrey his business.

Jeffrey is a little overwhelmed and hires a young woman, Katya, to assist him, someone who can hold down the shop while he has to attend auctions where pieces from the shop are sold. It doesn't hurt that he also finds her very attractive.

His uncle reappears, and he wants Jeffrey to go on a buying trip, but Jeffrey will need a translator--so he takes Katya along. Danger and intrigue mingle with the antiques there, and it grows even more so when Kantor and Jeffrey go after more antiques in Auschwitz.

Kantor dissolves in the face his worst memories, and Jeffrey must convince his uncle's clients he is also worthy of their trust.

Florian's Gate, Book One of the Priceless Collection, is available from Christian Book Distributors, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel.
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