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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Sermonette - When Beauty Is Gone

I recently saw a famous person who had been quite attractive thirty years ago. Not one wrinkle could be seen on her face now, not one sagging jowl, no cracked lips--but now, she's not so attractive.

The angles on her profile seemed wrong, somehow. Sharp bones pushed at the taut skin on her jaws, her mouth seemed permanently pulled into a grimace, and no expression in her eyes. I don't care how much she had paid the plastic surgeon, she looked like--well, a woman of sixty trying to look thirty.

When you are defined by your beauty or your perfect physique, what happens when your beauty is gone? What do you have left? If you think the answer is "nothing," I have another answer for you.


Jesus doesn't care how old you look. You'll always be His baby sister or brother once you invite Him in. Years of burdens will drop off your shoulders when you accept His forgiveness. Lines of worry will change to laugh lines. Sagging brows will lift in joy.

This is the life. Walking with Him on His path leads to victory.

This is not to say you'll be without trials--we all have them, Christian or not. It doesn't mean we're perfect--we mess up, too. The difference is this: We know why we're living, how to make the changes, and where we'll be when we reach the finish line.

Do you?

If not, please pray this prayer with me: Lord God, I know I have messed up. I know I haven't led the perfect life. I know my focus has been on me: How I look, how much people admire me, and what I can get for myself. Please forgive me for my vanity, my selfishness, and for hurting others. Help me give You a chance to change me into something better. Enter my heart, Lord, and love me so that I can love myself and love You back. Thank You, Lord. Amen.
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