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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Book Review - DELIVER US by June Foster


Thank you, June Foster, for another sweet love story with such a wonderful message.

What chance does a maintenance man with a rocky past have with a beautiful doctor?

Worse, what chance would he have if she finds out he was the one who... Oh, Lord, does he have to tell her that?

Riley Mathis would love to ask Jillian Coleman out, but realizes he just doesn't have a prayer with this woman who has a doctorate. Besides, she already has a boyfriend, an autocratic, possessive man, also a doctor, who looks down his nose at mere maintenance people at the hospital where they all work.

In fact, for an obstretician, he seems to be particularly lacking in compassion for the patients and their babies. He puts other people down--including Jillian--if they disagree with him or get in his way.

Jillian thinks he might propose soon. Should she accept? He's handsome and wealthy, but he's said some things that make her think he's not the Christian she had thought he was--if at all.

Can Riley influence her? Will Jillian wise up and dump this heartless creep? It's difficult to say. Maybe you should buy the book to find out.

June Foster's Deliver Us is available in e-book form from Christian Book Distributors, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel. You can also click on her name to learn a little more about the author.
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