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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Book Review - AVENGED by Janice Cantore

Avenged, Pacific Coast Justice Series #3   -     
        By: Janice Cantore
I loved Avenged--and I expect you will love it, too. This is the third book in The Pacific Coast Series, and if you are like me, you might like to start with the first two, Accused and Abducted. Also very good, I might add. Great reading for a rainy weekend.

Carly is a dedicated, honest patrol officer under scrutiny from the public and from coworkers. She's fighting for her career on the Las Playas police force at the same time trying to decide whether to accept an offer for a Homeland Security task force. More money and fascinating work--but more travel, too. More time away from home, from Chris, her husband. She might love the work and the increase in pay, but would it be worth the price?

The matter might be taken out of her hands. Someone is doing a great job in discrediting her. You know the type of person who looks at you and your skin crawls? What happens when you are a police officer and you get the crawlies? He seems to be the culprit, and Carly fights the urge to pull her gun on him whenever she sees him.

Carly is caught in so many quandaries she isn't sure which way to go. She knows God has the answers, but He doesn't seem inclined to share.

Avenged is available from Christian Book Distributors, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel.

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