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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Book Review - CONGO DAWN by Jeanette Windle

A few weeks ago, The Book Club Network offered some free books to people who would be willing to review. That's what I do, so I selected two books. This is one of them. When I informed the author, she warned me it was a thick book and not light reading. Okay, so it's one inch thick plus a teensy, and it's about business, politics, intrigue, and romance in the thick jungles of the Congo. Heavy reading. In approximately three hours of reading I've delved through a little less than half the book.

That being said--So far, so good!

The business? Molybdenum mining, and all is not as the owners portray to the public or to all their employees.

The politics? The Governor of the area, Wamba, wants a finger or two in the prosperous molybdenum pie. How he gets his share isn't all that important.

The intrigue? It's impossible to tell who is out to get whom, although the mysterious Jini is assumed to be the leader of the Congolese people trying to sabotage the mining operations. A highly educated man with the ability to fade unseen into the thick jungle after attacks, the owners of the mine want him dead or alive--preferably dead.

The romance? Sigh. Looks like it's not going any anywhere. Marine Lieutenant turned translator Robin thinks Michael let her brother bleed out after being wounded in Afghanistan. Combat Medic turned doctor Michael thinks Robin wiped him off her list when he had laid injured and in a coma for three months.

Both of them are mistaken, and about more than just each other.

Congo Dawn is available from Christian Book Distributors, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel. Click on your favorite store to link to the place where Congo Dawn can be purchased.

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