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Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Morning Devo - Blessed Are the Meek

Matthew 5:5 "Blessed Are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."

We should not think that Jesus meant here those who are namby-pamby milktoasts, rugs who will lie down to be walked on by any bully who happens along.

Instead, think of the meek as being strong enough to turn the other cheek rather than participate in a senseless fight, even though he or she could emerge the victor.

Don't think of the them as those who allow evil to triumph rather than get involved.

Instead, think of the meek as those who don't let anger rule them. Instead, they let God rule them, choose wisely what arguments or actions to enter, and which fights to walk away from.

God doesn't want all of us to fight the same battle. Learn how to be meek, subservient only to God, and He will entrust the earth to you and show you which battles are important for you to fight.

Prayer: Father, teach me how to be truly meek; not as the world sees meekness, but as how You would have me be. For Your glory and Yours alone, dear Lord.
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