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Friday, February 22, 2013

Character Interview, with Jordyn Redwood

Anne: I decided to do something a little different this time. I interviewed Jordyn Redwood a couple of weeks ago (click HERE), and also reviewed PROOF and POISON. This interview is by Nathan, a police officer who befriended the disturbed Raven, done at the time that the events in Poison concluded.
2412 cvr final.inddNathan: Good morning, Raven. Good to see you again, despite the circumstances. I don't like this bullet-proof window between us any better than you do. There are so many things I just don't understand. Something bothers me in particular. That friendly girl who peeked out the windows at me during the hostage standoff--where did she go?

Raven: Nathan, so much has changed since I was twelve years old. My mother's dead. My father is in prison. I know you tried to look after me, but I just wanted to be with Keelyn. For us to be together as sisters should be.

Nathan: It must have been heartbreaking for you when your mother was killed. Do you have a favorite happy memory of her from before?

Raven: My mother was always a quiet spirit. My best times with her were walking in the woods-- just the two of us.

Nathan: You longed to be with Keelyn, and yet your relationship was so strained. Did you always resent Keelyn?

Raven: No. There were good times between us. When she would come stay with us-- she was the break I needed from taking care of all my younger siblings. I loved being with her playing down by the creek. Simple things then meant the world to me. I know now what she says-- that the courts wouldn't let her have me until she made more money--but it broke my heart to feel so abandoned.

Nathan: Have you ever wondered if there were something you could have done to stop the massacre?

Raven: The only thing I wonder now is why I wasn't brave enough to refuse to do what my father asked me to do. I will forever regret that.

Nathan: I couldn't believe he insisted you become involved. Probably he thought Lucent told him to. At that time, did you think Lucent was real, or did you think your father had gone crazy?

Raven: I never thought Lucent was real. Only my father's hallucination.

Nathan: There must have been a time when your father wasn't under the spell of Lucent. Do you have any happy memories of him?

Raven: When I was a little girl there were happy times. They are so faded from all the bad things that have happened that they are hard to remember.

Nathan: I understand. You know, your chances are not all past. So how do you plan to become the person you really want to be?

Raven: That's the problem--I'm still lost. I pray for something to change. And I'm tired of talking, so how about if you go away. I'll see you some other day.

Anne: And I hope she will find her way to God and freedom, too. Maybe we'll find out when Peril, the conclusion of this series, rolls off the press!
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