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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Book Review - RISE OF THE MAGI by Randy Blackwell

I learned a new word this week - "steampunk." I had no idea what it meant, so I googled it. Apparently, as it relates to young adult fiction, it's science fiction which has goth aspects or steam-driven engines that are on an earth-type planet or imaginary location. Randy, if I've oversimplified or messed up this description, please jump right in and correct me! (I'm definitely not in the YA category and not "up" on all the terminologies.)

This book begins with scientist Dr. Omar Metzgar wondering what's happening with his comatose sister, Misaki. She had shown no brain activity for years--since her childhood--and now all of a sudden, she has seizures. Not only seizures, but she speaks through obvious anxiety, "Bring the gambler!" And "She must take the sword to the carpenter!"

When Omar questions her to determine details, Misaki sinks back into a coma. Omar believes this outburst confirms his suspicions that coma victims are actually in another dimension.

To make matters worse, the government is threatening to cut his funding for the research he does. He has one week to finish his project, part of which is examining a portal to, well, somewhere.

In another part of the world, Myles Calaghan, illusionist and con artist, jumps through a hole in the wall to escape angry mobsters.

The two men meet as they wander in a maze of shifting tunnels. The unlikely pair become partners of a sort in a world called Musterion. The world is filled with strange creatures, most of them sentient beings ranging in size from a few inches to dragon-sized.

Somehow, they must convince these beings they are friendly and helpful, not dangerous. They must find out how to save these new friends from the arch demon and his associates. And Omar must find his sister.

To find out how they solve these dilemnas and too many more to mention, you can purchase the book from Christian Book Distributors, Amazon, or Barnes and Nobel. Click on the name of your favorite store to get a direct link to Rise of the Magi in their vast lists of books! Also--I'm posting a review of his book tomorrow, so come back and find out something really surprising about this author and book and ????"
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