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Friday, February 1, 2013

Book Review - PROOF by Jordyn Redwood


An excellent read, especially if you love medical mysteries with rare physical phenomenons as much as I do. This is the first of the Bloodlines trilogy by Jordyn Redwood, and I'm pretty sure if you read one you will grab the others, too. I give this one a solid five thumbs up.

Lilly Reeves is an emergency room physician on duty when a pregnant young woman involved in a traffic "accident" is wheeled through the door. The cops follow, wanting to talk to the unconscious woman because it appears a truck deliberately rammed her. The baby the woman carries is  the product of an encounter with a serial rapist, and she is a key witness if they ever arrest a suspect.

It's difficult to find this suspect, despite the fact that he's left semen filled with DNA behind in all his victims. Apparently the perpetrator is in the medical profession or at least somehow has access to syringes filled with a substance, ketamine, that knocks out his prey. Other clues are the location of the attacks, apparently centering on the hospital where Lilly works; that all of the victims have their keys missing for a number of hours before the attacks; and that the victims describe a man with blue and brown eyes--one of each--and a horrific monster tattooed on his chest. He has one other quirk--when his victims become pregnant, he makes sure the child does not live.

Then it's Lilly's turn. Her keys come up missing, and her black belt in karate and dead-eye shooting expertise do her no good once he injects her with ketamine.

Lilly accuses another physician, but it backfires when the DNA appears to prove him innocent. Suddenly, it's Lilly who is on the run.

You have to get this book. Run, don't walk, to the nearest website to purchase the book! Click on Christian Book Distributors, Amazon, or Barnes and Nobel to be taken right to the place where her books are listed. Or click on => Jordyn Redwood's name to find out a little more about her.

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