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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Book Review - HIDE AND SEEK by H. L. Wegley

If you like fast-paced, high-stress books? Then you just might like this action-filled adventure from H. L. Wegley.

It all begins with a  Government contract to write a program for some Government needs and winds up with a Trojan virus that snatched top secret files. Lee Brandt, who writes programs for the Government, finds an assistant to try to pry out the Trojan. The problem is this assistant ties up his tongue and renders him a hopeless idiot. Yes, she's that pretty.

Jennifer Akihira is incredibly intelligent and knows this hopeless idiot probably won't be much help as she tries to eject the Trojan and find the culprit or culprits.

That's before the bad guys begin to chase them. With guns. And with highly technical equipment. And explosives.

Lee leads Jennifer into a limestone cave to try to hide from the goons, but the goons find them. Sorta.

You can find out if they escape if you purchase this e-book from Christian Book Distributors, Amazon, or Barnes and Nobel. Go ahead. It's worth the read.
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