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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Book Review - SONG OF THE MEADOWLARK by Sherri Wilson Johnson

Song of the Meadowlark

Cora Buchanan had been deserted by her husband, Clark--or perhaps he was dead. She didn't know which. She hadn't heard from him since the day he disappeared a year ago. She'd spent the year living with his parents, a kind-hearted couple who took her to their hearts.

She made the decision to go back to her own parents with some reluctance. They didn't approve of her--nothing she did pleased them--but perhaps it was time to mend the fences.

She could have asked them for money. She couldn't ask her in-laws, they didn't have enough to spare. But she didn't want to admit to her own parents she didn't have enough, so she packed her things in her old car and headed south toward Florida.

Missing a vital freeway turn, she accidentally drives into a small town, and her car dies conveniently just in front of a service station. It takes all her money to get the car fixed, so she goes to work for a friendly bed-and-breakfast/cafe owner.

There she meets Rex, and her life begins to get interesting. Rex's parents drop in to see her, too. They want her to come to work for them as a nanny for their granddaughter. Since Cora's car won't be fixed for some time and she needs the extra money, she agrees.

Rex is grumpy. His brother Matt is a Lothario. His sister Clarice likes the wild side and wants to drag Cora with her. Cora would like to leave, but then there's Susie, the sweet little three-year-old who needs a positive influence since her father, Rex, refuses to be one.

Add to that mix a serial killer who kidnaps Cora, and you have a sure recipe for trouble with a capital "T."

Sorry, you have to buy the book to find out the ending. Sherri Wilson Johnson's Song of the Meadowlark can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, or Christian Book Distributors. Click on the name of your favorite store to purchase the book, or click on Sherri's name to find out more about her. Or---come back to this blog tomorrow, because I'll be interviewing her!
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