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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Author Interview - Joy Gartman, Author of WHITE TRASH

Anne: As I said yesterday when I reviewed Joy Gartman's book, White Trash Redeemed, I met her at an author event last month. We chatted for a while at the event, but the noise level there inspired us to seek a place to have coffee and chat some more. Our chat was interrupted by someone else with a greater need, and Joy promptly handed the other lady the White Trash mini-book. Joy is an inspirational, generous, and caring woman that is my delight to now call her my friend. I asked her if she would be willing to answer a few questions about her book and her life. Even though she is one busy woman, she took the time to answer.

Joy, would you please enlighten us? What inspired this book?

Joy: It seemed to me that God wanted me to share my life so He could bring hope and healing to others. I hope this book will minister to who have experienced the pain of being a victim of abuse, who now need help to live a victorious life.

Anne: Part of what we chatted about when we went to have coffee was your work with the homeless. Would you please tell us a little about it?

Joy: This past year I have been drawn to the homeless, the hurting, and the poor. It has been a blessing and is like a return to my almost forgotten roots. After White Trash mini-book was published, I began handing them out to lots of poor people, especially if they looked to be homeless.
Then the Lord impressed on my mind, “Have tea with them.” I knew what He meant. The Lord wanted me to take time to sip tea with them, and what a blessing that’s been. On a sunny day I took a meal from Boston Market to a group gathered in a parking lot.

Michael had a shopping cart loaded with everything he owned. I asked if anyone had a blanket to spread for our meal, and Donna volunteered to spread out a couple of Michael’s blankets for our banqueting table. We all sat on the ground and feasted. They particularly liked the meatloaf.

After we all finished, some quickly gathered the leftovers for their next meal. I asked them, “What do you do in the winter?”

They replied, "We try to stay warm and dry.”

It is now winter! I know some don’t manage to stay warm or dry. A few days ago I saw Tom and Donna pushing their cart to the laundromat to dry out their blankets. Others shiver with the cold.

On a Sunday afternoon, eight or nine of us gathered round for a little service. Tears flowed as we sang Amazing Grace. Two raised their hands. When we had communion more tears flowed. How sweet it was! Later JoJo informed me that he was a born-again Catholic. Donna used to teach children at church. Tom had lots of deep questions about God.

Once after I had given three street people books, the presence of the Lord filled my car as I drove away. I cried as I felt God’s heart of love and pleasure for these people. I had only planted a little seed. But God let me know that He was sooo pleased.

Anne: What was the most difficult part of this book to write?

Joy: It was hard to write about my life as the victim, because it brought back many memories of things I had buried. However, the healing in those areas has been incredible. Once …I felt heavy waves of Father God’s love surging over me. During that experience, painful memories from sexual abuse by my earthly father were healed by Father God’s love for me.

My earthly father-wounds were huge, but that little abused girl inside me was totally healed and is still healed today. Forgiveness for my dad was made easier because of that supernatural encounter. God continues to heal the abused…

Anne: I thought that might be the case. So what part was the easiest to write?

Joy: Much of the book just flowed because of the grace and healing presence of the Holy Spirit.

Anne: What's the most important thing you want people to get from this book?

Joy: The most important thing has to be hope and healing. My prayer is that people will be healed as I have been healed, and that we can all live in victory.

Anne: Tell us a little about your next book.

Joy: I know that there will be more books, but for now not sure what they will be about. I think that my next title will be Bye, Bye, Beloved.

Anne: Thank you so much for taking time to visit with us this morning, Joy. I know your books are a tremendous blessing to those who have read it. Your message of hope is unmistakable!

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