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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review - NO SAFE HARBOR by Elizabeth Ludwig

No Safe Harbor, Edge of Freedom Series #1

Cara Hamilton braved the Atlantic crossing from Ireland for one purpose: To find her twin brother Eoghan. Her twin, who until a couple of short months ago, she thought was dead. With no parents or guardians to prevent her, she boarded the first ship to America she could find.

The letter from Eoghan had contained a specific warning: Don't trust anyone and don't speak to anyone until he could tell her who to trust. But he didn't meet her at Ellis Island as she expected, and the sparkling blue eyes of the handsome man who took the seat next to her on the boat from Ellis Island to New York didn't seem to reflect any danger.

Rourk "Walsh" hid his true identity close to his chest. This young woman was the sister of the man he swore to kill, the man who had killed Rourk's father. Rourk hoped she would lead him to her brother. He offered to escort her to the house where she hoped to find lodging.

He just didn't count on falling in love with this pretty redhead.

Elizabeth Ludwig has woven this story of intrigue and animosity into a love story well worth the read. Thank you so much, Elizabeth.

No Safe Harbor may be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, or Christianbook. Click on your preferred store name for a link directly to the place where you can purchase the book.


  1. I love your blog and am so thankful that I've recently discovered it. This sounds like a book to add to my want to read list. The review sounds intriguing. Blessings & Merry Christmas, Susan Fryman

  2. On a side note as I just discovered this as well. I appreciate the ease with which I can connect to Amazon to put this on my wish list for the next time I place an order. I have brain damage and anything that simplifies my life is a huge blessing. Susan Fryman

  3. Susan--
    Again, thanks for stopping by What a treasure you are! I love for people to get the conversation going, and even though plenty of people view the blog, they don't comment often. I hope you will follow my blog. If you put your email into the blank labeled "Follow by email," you will be a member and will get notices of each blog.
    God bless you!


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