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Friday, December 21, 2012

Book Review - COMING HOME by Stacy Hawkins Adams

Coming Home

Life is going well for Dayna Wilson. She has a beautiful home, a dream job in management at a prestigious medical center, and her probably soon-to-become fiance, Warren, is the vice president of marketing at the same medical center.

Dayna has made peace with God over her divorce and forgiven her former husband, Brent, for cheating on her. Or so she thinks until he shows up on her doorstep with a dozen red roses, apologizing for hurting her and destroying their marriage. He says he and his wife (the other woman) want to take her out to dinner. He says he has something important to tell her.

Then Brent steps a little too close and she slaps him just as her date arrives. She tells him to leave. But the story doesn't end there. He has not only somehow found out where she lives and works, but he's also managed to find her email.

The email he sends again says he really wants her to go to dinner with him and his wife, Tamara. Again, he says he has something too important to tell her to drop the subject.

Finally, Dayna agrees to meet with them. What Brent has to say stops her cold, changes her future, and threatens her relationship with Warren.

I highly recommend this book--way to go, Stacy Hawkins AdamsComing Home, part of The Winds of Change Series, is available from Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. Click on Ms. Adam's name to learn more about her; click on the name of the store to purchase a book.
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