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Friday, November 23, 2012

Fiction Friday - Black Friday Blessing

Jill shivered in her thin but stylish short black jacket. The line into the Best Buy draped the sidewalk as it meandered a mile or so long. She wanted to lift her hands at the window and chant "Open, open, open," but she didn't want to unfold her arms from across her chest where they provided a small piece of warmth.

Wet snow slapped her cheek in stinging drops. How long had she stood here? Would she die of hypothermia before the doors opened? She yawned, and her teeth chattered. No sleep last night--why go to bed and midnight and get up at two?

There! A light turned on and someone walked toward the front doors. Yes! Why did he walk so slow?

She ticked off her list in her head: iPods for her little sister and brother, a Bluetooth for her mother, and Jon--what should she get for him? Nothing too personal, but enough to let him know she thought him to be special. What? She sent a question skyward.

Jon lifted himself from the plush tan sofa. Amazing that he would be hungry the day after a meal like Thanksgiving. Last night his stomach felt like that stretched-out garbage bag on TV. What was Jill doing this morning? Did she think about him in her rush around whatever Black Friday store she was in?
He'd bet she did. That look in a woman's eyes when she likes a guy had been there. He grinned as he poured himself a second cup of coffee, doused it with pumpkin flavored creamer, and stuffed a bagel into the toaster.

This could be fun. The last one had been. He licked his lips and then snapped his teeth together.

(continued sometime in the not too distant future...)
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