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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book Review - NADIA'S HOPE by Lisa Buffaloe

Nadia's Hope

This is an excellent Christian romantic suspense--try it on for size! Way to go, Lisa Buffaloe!

Nadia Minsky wants to be invisible--guys frighten her, reminding her of an incident she'd much rather forget. The pain in her leg is an other unpleasant reminder.

She transferred from college in Israel to America to escape the memories, to feel safe, and to receive physical and psychological therapy. The physical therapy might be helping, but none of the other escapes are. She wakes screaming too many nights.

David Cohen seems to be different from the other guys--strong but gentle. Not crude or demanding. She would give him a chance, date him a little, as long as he didn't want anything more than friendship.

But he does, so Nadia decides to go home--to Israel. There she will see what is up with her brother and take care of some unfinished business. Maybe she needs to make justice happen herself.

Maybe you need to buy this book to find out for yourself. Nadia's Hope is available from Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.
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