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Friday, October 26, 2012

I love to review...

You might have noticed by now that I review a lot of books. If you have one you want me to review, comment on this blog and leave me your email, contact me on FaceBook, or (if you have the number), give me a call. No, I'm not posting it to this site!

I have one major requirement for books I review on this blog. They have to be Christian. Period. No arguments, no exceptions.

If I review it here, I'll also post reviews to Amazon, Barnes and Nobel,, and Goodreads--and/or otherwise as requested. I also like to interview the authors on the post following the review. As a rule, I review on Tuesdays, interview on Wednesdays.

If you want me to review prior to release, contact me early--as soon as you know the release date--so I can put you on the schedule. Despite rumors to the contrary, I do not read all day long every day. Currently, I'm scheduled at more than two months ahead.

Although I will read sweet romances and women's fiction, as a rule, they don't earn five stars from me on the booksellers' sites. In order to earn that, it has to have deeper meat. Does it have tension? Are you going to keep me wondering until "The End?" Is there a mystery woven in? How is the humor? Did you include inspiration to draw me closer to God? Keep me guessing, laughing, and/or crying, and you just might get five stars... A very few have included such growth for my own life that I wish I could give them six stars.

Love all of you, authors and especially readers! ~ Anne

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