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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Sermonette - What We Deserve

I keep hearing and seeing commercials that tell us we should demand what we deserve. That we should get what we deserve.

Careful, folks. Do you really want to get what you deserve? Think about it.

Even the nicest of you has done something bad once or twice in your life. Should you get what you deserve?

Even the most diligent of us have neglected to give our best to our employment on occasion. Would you really like to receive what you deserve?

You and I do not deserve forgiveness--but Jesus gives it to us free for the asking.

We don't deserve the love people shower on us, since we are imperfect, not always lovable, but they give it anyway.

Tell me, if you would, do you love the people that you love because they are deserving of love? Do you love your spouse or children only when they are deserving?

They need your love most, perhaps, when they are the least deserving.

Where I grew up in Challis, many people didn't use to have insurance, but whenever there was a tragedy (their house burned or someone got terribly sick), the townspeople gathered around and provided what they needed. Did they deserve it? No, but they needed it.

God gives us not what we deserve, but what we need. We need forgiveness. We need love. We need people to help when we can't do it all ourselves. God provides through those who are able to those who need.

So--I would rather receive what I need, not what I deserve.

God bless you when you help or love the undeserving. You are doing God's work.
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