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Friday, September 28, 2012

Book Review - A MAN OF HONOR by Loree Lough

I just finished reading Loree Lough's latest in the First Responders Series, A Man of Honor. Loree has a talent for keeping me on the edge of my seat, and this book was no exception.

Dusty is on a search and rescue (SAR) mission when a pretty and young volunteer is paired with him who obviously must have known the victim they expect to find. Sure enough, it turns out Grace is the dead girl's teacher. Maybe she isn't as young as she looks, but she's still pretty.

Dusty is one of those bleeding hearts who takes in boys in trouble. He currently has eleven living with him in a house targeted by a gang who is giving him and the boys one last chance to either join the gang or get out. Dusty won't allow the first option and doesn't have much choice about the second. Where could they go?

Grace is another bleeding heart, volunteering to go with the police to give word to the mother of the victim--who had just months previous lost her husband and now had to be told her only child was gone, too. Grace also sort of  mothers an odd girl, Kylie, in her class who doesn't look like much--messy, definitely not style conscious, antisocial, and bounced from one foster home to another. What most people don't know is how smart Kylie is--and well on her way to getting a scholarship.

It's inevitable these two do-gooders will get together--isn't it? Or is it? Tell me, Loree--is there another sequel?

Loree's books may be purchased from Christian Books, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel.
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