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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Book Review - TO DIE FOR by Sandra Byrd

Sandra Byrd is an accomplished writer of historical fiction, and this novel based on the life of Anne Boleyn and her friend and confidant, Meg Wyatt, is a fine example of that polished writing excellence.

How deep is your friendship with your closest friend? Would you walk with her (or him) through high places and danger, through life and the path to death? Meg chose to remain Anne Boleyn's friend even when her friend made terrible choices. Many people make unwise choices, and Anne's choice to become Henry VIII's second wife was one of those. Carried away by King Henry's charm and believing his lies about his first wife, Anne Boleyn waits for Henry's machinations to put his first wife aside to become complete. They marry, and Anne becomes the queen.

As the queen's closest friend and confidant, Meg's star rises with Anne's and crashes as Henry becomes discontent with his beautiful wife's inability to give him an heir. Meg prays for her, rejoices with her, and despairs for her, as a true friend should always strive to do. So many of us give up on friends as they disappoint us--but Meg didn't desert her even when Anne treated her with disrespect.

Anne Boleyn's story has always fascinated me, and it's been so fun to learn more about her and become acquainted with Meg Wyatt, the friend who continued to succor her doomed companion all the way to the tragic finale.

Thank you, Sandra, for a heart-wrenching and -warming historical fiction with amazing attention to details of history during that period of the Tudor reign. To Die For may be purchased from,, and Barnes and Nobel.

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