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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Sermonette - What if it's true?

The Big Bang, Evolution, or Creation. Which is true? I hear and see so many arguments with evidence of one thing or another. I personally believe God did it. I really don't care how He did it. In my book, that's so totally unimportant that it doesn't even register on the list of things I worry about. And, as my kids and hubby will tell you--I worry about things (read "pray over things") that are pretty unconsequential.

The Big Bang theory: What if it's true? I'm having a little difficulty fathoming this universe popping out of a something the size of a pinhead. What came before that? What (or Who) caused that explosion? What was the origin? What happened? I don't see any answers in this theory, only more questions. It make sense, and yet ...

Evolution: What if this is true? Still more questions. How could all of the astronomically detailed and numerous things necessary to life have wound up somehow congregated in one small spot? And then, how did conditions become just exactly right to force inanimate, nonorganic materials to become life? And what inorganic substance sustained that new organic entity? I heard a Christian physicist years ago describe what that process would have to have looked like, and it stretched my imagination to the snapping point. The odds against it all coming together and taking place were something like a billion times a billion times a billion times a billion.

Creation: I can understand how the fittest survive and breed and the least adaptable do not. That makes sense and raises few real questions. I have difficulty with figuring a reason why animals and other critters can see. How did that develop? And how is it that almost all living things come with the ability to heal from injuries and illnesses? Hearing--what instigated this miracle? New skin and growing hair and protective fingernails and sweat glands and breathing lungs and thinking brains and beating hearts--wow!

From one-celled amoebas to the incredibly complex beings we are now? To me, that's nothing short of a miracle.

Now, what if THAT's true?

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