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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Book Review - LOST by E.G. Lewis

Add one naive East Indian genius to a very greedy  American contracting firm. Stir with one off-course cruise ship containing the granddaughter and wife of one very dogged investigative newspaper reporter. What boils out might surprise you.

The author recently listed Lost as a free e-book, and I grabbed the opportunity. Lost is a tense and fast-paced novel that, even though you know how it absolutely must end, keeps you guessing.

Marty (the wife) has a golden opportunity to take a free two-week cruise with her Mothers of Song group in return for entertaining passengers with their songs and comedy routines. Tom, the husband, has this ominous feeling the cruise is going to come to no good end.

Dr. Dwarahanath Maheshwari, Derek for short, has a theoretical physics experiment of interest to the defense contractor, RCI Corp. Winston Ridgely is the unscrupulous contractor who brings him from India to the United States and moves the experiment from making small animals in a prototype disappear to--a cruise ship loaded with vacationers.

Marty begins to assemble pieces of the puzzle, and the closer he gets to the truth, the greater danger he finds himself in. Darek finds himself on the run from RCI and falsely accused to the FBI. Together, they have to solve the problems or risk the loss of several hundred people already assumed dead.

E.G. Lewis mixes facts with fiction to provide this entertaining and exciting novel. The book is available from Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. And for a short time, it is free in e-book format from Amazon for free. Hurry!
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