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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Review - A HOMETOWN 4TH OF JULY by June Foster

My dear friend June Foster, crit buddy and conference croney, is about to release her second book, A Hometown 4th of July. I am so proud of you, girl. You inspire your readers, and you inspire me.

Max Tate is minding his own business, trying to catch the antique car section of the Fourth of July parade, when ice cream plops onto his head and dribbles down his neck. Her aunt takes the small culprit in tow, apologizing profusely, but the damage is done. Lynn Marshall has met the man she will learn to love, the one who will break her heart.

Max is adopted, but he has faint memories of a woman holding him on her lap. That woman was his birth mother, the woman who gave him to his adoptive parents and then dropped out of sight. Sometimes he feels like the odd man out in his family. The other two, his sisters, look like his parents, and no wonder--they are birth children, blond and blue-eyed like their parents. His olive skin and black hair make it obvious he doesn't belong.

His mother and father are secretive about his origins, avoiding every question he asks. When Max gets to know Lynn, he discovers she's a research expert. Maybe she can help him.

But when she does, and when they find where is mother is, what they discover sends him spiraling into depression.

Such an impossible situation leaves Lynn wondering if Max is worth another chance. Max is of the same opinion, that he is of no use to Lynn or to anyone. How will they emerge from this morass?

This e-book will be available June 30 at  and July 1 at Desert Breeze Publishing. At Desert Breeze you can preorder, but not at Amazon--at least, not at this writing.

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