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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Sermonette - Scratching at Scabs

I have an annoying habit--well, probably more than one. But this one habit annoys me more than most of my others. It might even irritate those around me, but especially me.

I have a difficult time leaving a scab alone. For instance, if I scratch myself on a rose bush while I'm gardening. It takes every ounce of determination I have not to continually scratch the scab off and make it bleed again. Mosquito bites are nearly unbearable agony, and scabs, for whatever reason, my fingernails gravitate to like a dog to a bone.

I used band aides to deter these fingernails with ideas with their own. At least when I wear them, if I start to scratch it reminds me, and I can busy the hands somewhere else. Then I developed some sensitivity to the tape, creating an itchy rash--another excuse for my nails to wander to the offending place.

I got to pondering this. Isn't it strange how so many things like this can be a picture of other things in our lives?

For instance, things we won't let go of. Anger against someone who offended us. We keep scratching that unforgiving itch. Hurts that make us avoid new relationships. Even grief. Continually reopening old wounds creates deeper wounds and permanent scars.

I'm not saying it's easy to stop scratching the scabs. But letting it go, giving the anger, the hurt, the grief, or whatever to God can begin the healing. He wants you to heal. If you sit in a corner scratching the scabs, you might not see the other person who has wounds that also need to heal. Maybe someone will need the benefit of your experience to know how to stop removing the scabs.

Ask God to help you. Give Him the hurts, and let Him help you heal. And remember that healing usually takes time.
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