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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Sermonette - Being There; 100% There

Okay, I admit it. Sometimes while listening to a speech, a sermon, or just listening to a friend, my mind wanders. Someone will mention, say, a friend who has a problem. My mind jumps to one of my own problems which may or may not be similar.

The pastor talks about committing yourself to Christ, and I begin thinking about--hey, a takeoff on that would make a good blog. Hm. In fact, that's what happened last Sunday.

Wait a minute! Pastor Shim spent hours working on this sermon, trying to bring us a message that would be helpful in our lives, that would bring us closer to God. The least I can do is give him my complete attention for the short period of time he's talking. Who knows? God may have something to teach me in that sermon!

Lord, please teach us to listen. Give us ears to hear what You want us hear, eyes to see those who need You and Your help through us, and hearts to absorb what You tell us. Thank You, Lord.
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