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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"My Story" Tuesday - Ross McMorris

Anne (aka DaMom): A few weeks ago, I posted what was my memory of my son Ross McMorris’s invitation for Jesus to enter his life. Since he was still pretty young (three years old), he didn’t really remember that first time. After I posted that story (my version), I asked Ross if he would like to have his version up on my blog. He said he would, so this is his version. He would have been in maybe the first grade.

Ross: The "event' that I remember was in the ranger house in Duchesne. I just remember Dad coming into our room (Brett and I shared a room at that point), and I said that I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart. It took a few years for me to reach the point where I was generally more interested in doing things God's way over my own. That happened at camp Cedar Edge the summer between my 8th and 9th grade years. That was pretty much it.

DaMom: Would you elaborate a little on your experience at the Cedar Edge camp?

Ross: I don't know that there's a whole lot of useful elaboration. It wasn't my first time to go. I had gone to their kids’ camp once (not a fun experience for me). And then I think it was my second time at youth camp. I don't remember any sermon topics or altar calls that felt different than ones before. I think that it one part of it was simply getting back home from the previous church camp and seeing how the others in the youth group slip back into the same routine as before. Susan Hamilton had pointed out that you could tell how the youth group was doing after camp because the row that we occupied during church would slowly move from the front of the church towards the back. I remember getting frustrated with the others for moving back a row that first time. Mostly the reason that it stuck with me is I got into a habit of Bible reading and decided to not go back to living life my way and only obeying God when it was convenient. Basically He went from just being my Savior to being my Lord and Savior.

DaMom: Wasn’t there also an event at a church camp where you “put out a fleece before God?” (See the story in Judges 6:36-40).

Yes, but it didn't have anything to do my salvation experience. It was more of how i felt God calling me into ministry. It was at the Cedar Edge. I had gone out into the woods for my quiet time one morning and sat down on a boulder with a plant growing out of it. This plant just struck me because it had "hairy" leaves (i don't know the proper term for that, sorry). It was covered in dew. At that point i just thought that it was a beautiful sight. The boulder itself was dry. That night the preacher taught on the passage with Gideon putting out the fleece to test God. The next morning i went to the same boulder and this time the rock was wet while the plant was dry.

Footnote by DaMom: Ross is now in the leadership in his his church (StoneLake Church in Cleburne, Texas). He and his wife Tawnya are blessed to have a workplace where their three boys are welcome, and they homeschool the children.
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