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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Book Review - THE PASTOR'S WIFE by Jennifer AlLee

When Maura Sullivan returns to Granger, Ohio, a town she never hoped to see again, she also hopes she doesn't run into anyone she knows. Especially her estranged husband, Pastor Nick Shepherd. But she and Nick had appointment with the same lawyer at the same time to hear the terms of Miss Hattie's will. She'd left generous bequest for both of them, with one minor codicil.

They had to live together for six months.

Six months. During that six months, they revisited all the reasons they had split to begin with. Talk about uncomfortable.

And yet--Miss Hattie's plan seemed to be coming together, slowly but surely, one piece at a time, one overcome objection at a whack, until the very last moment. Until Maura reveals her secret. That nearly shoots the whole object of Miss Hattie's goals right out of the sky. How will they avoid the crash landing? Or will they?

Jennifer AlLee is becoming quite the popular writer and speaker. The Pastor's Wife and other books by Jennifer are available through,, and Barnes and Nobel in hard copy and e-books.

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