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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Sermonette - Solitude

Ah, solitude. I love it.

Hubby's out mowing the acres of grass and weeds that surround our house. The TV is off! The cat is purring and looking drowsy, the dog is asleep. At last, I can get some undisturbed writing done! Now, if I could just think of something to write...

I love my husband. There's no one else I could spend twenty-four hours a day with. Well, maybe the kids and grandkids for a few days. But year round? Only the hubby.

I love being in groups of  like-minded people--just not every day, all day. I could soon go nuts. There are a few close friends and lots of my family who know I'm already there.

But one hundred percent solitude? Those rare occasions are precious. Not that I'm alone--God is always there, too. It's easier to talk to and hear Him when other noises are absent. It's easier to write.

Solitude can also be achieved in the midst of noise, but it takes concentration. Ignore the strange looks you get from folks as you walk along, talking to God and pausing to listen. With the TV on, as it often is when Hubby's in the house, I lose myself in the scenes my fingers create. I pause, waiting for God to give me the inspiration.

And He does. I say, "God, what is Marcus supposed to say and do now?" Sometimes the answer is, "Just start typing." And behold, the marvels that emerge from under my fingertips.

On occasion, the same thing happens as I talk with a friend with a problem. Silently I ask, "What do I say, Lord?" The words and actions come forth from a hidden Source.

So nice that He's there, filling my mouth with the words to say. So nice to know, now is the time to touch, to hug, to back away, to weep, to laugh, to be silent and listen.

Thanks, Lord, for being there in solitude. Thank You, too, for being able to create solitude in the midst of the noise or activity. You are there, and I love You.
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