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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Book Review: Saving Hope

Margaret Daley writes romance with an inspirational basis. You used to be able to find books like hers and movies that unashamedly and positively mentioned church-going, faith, and (gasp!) prayer. Now if you want to read books like that, you just about have to deliberately select Christian novels or nonfiction. This particular book is alternately suspenseful, despairing, hopeful, and, of course, romantic. It's the first in a series about the men of the Texas Rangers.

Saving Hope begins with one teenager, Hope, trying to rescue a young friend who had been forced into the same prostitution ring she'd been saved from. The problem was that Lily had been used as bait to lure her back, and King, the man who led the ring, was waiting for her. Hope is captured.

Kate Winslow manages the Beacon of Hope , a place which provided a home and a safe harbor for young girls rescued from their lives of prostitution. When Hope leaves in the middle of the night with the Beacon's van, Kate worries over more than just the van. Kate knows Hope wouldn't deliberately go back into the same profession that nearly killed her before.

Texas Ranger Wyatt Sheridan enters Kate's life when the van is found and a young teenage girl is found buried in a shallow grave close to it.

When a second girl runs away from Beacon and is killed and Wyatt's young teenage daughter begins to get involved with an older boy, Hope's disappearance can no longer be considered random. Someone is actively recruiting young girls and killing to keep their ugly secrets.

You can find links for this and other books by Margaret Daley on her website, Christian,, and Barnes and in hard copy and ebook formats.
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