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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Book Review: WYOMING LAWMAN by Victoria Bylin

bounty.hunter Wyoming Lawman is the second of Ms. Bylin's The Women of Swan's Nest series, a historical (or "an historical," if you prefer) group of historical novels set in Wyoming, Colorado, and Kansas.

Divorced Sheriff Matt Wiley has an aversion to matrimony and an ugly secret in his past. One he knows even God could never forgive him for.

His wife left him with their little daughterSarah,  to pursue a wild life she preferred. His past left him with a bitterness that even God couldn't breach.

Until Pearl Oliver arrives on the scene just in time to save Sarah from being trampled underfoot by a galloping train of mules.

Pearl has a secret of her own. She also has a child, a son, the product of a rape. The difference is that her secret has not made her bitter, although it's difficult for her to stomach the condemnation of the church ladies.

How can she convince him to forgive and to accept forgiveness? That's still another secret. This one will only be revealed if you go get the book.

Wyoming Lawman and several other books by Victoria Bylin are available hard copy and ebook from Christian Books, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel.

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