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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Book Review: LOST AND FOUND by Ginny L. Yttrup

Wow, Ginny Yttrup, this book is deeply profound. When I read Words last August (See August 25 short review), I thought I'd read a classic. This one beats it. I don't think any review will ever do it justice.

That being said, I'll review it anyway and hope you'll get enough of a taste that you will want to devour the whole thing. Warning: if you're looking for a romance, this isn't it. It is, however, about love.

Jenna Durand Bouvier married into one of the wealthiest families in San Francisco, owners of Domaine de la Bouvier. She's a seeker, searching for herself and for God in a world where He--and she, it seems--are unwelcome. And yet, it was her mother-in-law, Brigitte, who selected her, groomed her, to marry Gerard.

Gerard is much older than Jenna, yet they seem compatible somehow. They realized their marriage had been arranged by his mother, and they love each other. But with reservations.

Brigitte owns them, and all others in her scope of influence. Just ask her, she'll tell you.

Matthew is so totally out of their social status, and yet--and yet, there is something that clicks between he and Jenna. He is her spiritual advisor, and he is married, but there is something about her...if he could just put his finger on it.

Andee believes in drive determines destiny and very little else, except herself. She begins reading a popular blog called She comments, at first to tell the clueless anonymous that she could be making a bundle by putting ads on the blog.

Jason and his father own Azul Winery, a small but prospering business. Prospering until an old loan, waved off by the loaner, suddenly comes due.

When you blend these diverse temperaments and explosive tastes together, the champagne cork could blow.

To purchase this book in electronic or hard copy, go to Christian Books, Amazon, or Barnes and Nobel. To learn more about Ginny, click here.
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