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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"My Story" Tuesday: Brett McMorris's Story

This is my older son, Brett McMorris, when he was three years old. Cute little tyke, wasn't he? Brett was a fairly normal kid then. Mostly happy, fairly obedient, always active--except when he was asleep.

His father and I were active in a prayer group that met in Soda Springs and/or Montpelier, Idaho. One time we brought in a traveling minister. I don't remember his name. I wish I did, because God really used him that particular night in our lives. All of us went: Daughter Renae, sons Brett and Ross, their dad, and I. This is one of the stories that came out of that meeting on that January evening in 1977.

We had talked about the meeting all the way home, about a half-hour away. When we arrived home we laid one-year-old Ross down in his crib, twelve-year-old Renae brushed her teeth and went to bed, Jack went out to check on the horses, and I began getting Brett,  into his pajamas.

As usual, Brett chattered away a mile a minute. He asked how to become a Christian. I told him you just ask Jesus to come live in your heart. He said, "Okay. Jesus inna my heart, please."

I thought no more about it--after all, he wasn't even quite three years old.

Until the next morning. Brett came running out into the front room, this huge smile plastered all over his face. No "Good morning." No "Can I eat breakfast now?" Not even a good morning hug--all his usual first things to do upon waking.

"Mama, Jesus is in my heart, huh?"

I smiled at him--how could I help it? "Yes," I said.

"My heart is fat!" The grin stayed in place for a loooong time.

Now, there are those who will say this is far too young for a conversion experience. At that time, I would have agreed, but the proof is in the pudding. Maybe it's not true for all kids, especially when parents might not follow through or reinforce the experience.

All I can say is that with Brett, it took. Over the years he's only  drawn closer to God. From my perspective, he's never once strayed more than an inch or two from the path God set before him, and then not for more than a few minutes.

Go ahead, then, Mom, Dad, or Grandma, Grandpa, or Great Aunt Mary. Tell the toddlers they can invite Jesus into their heart. Tell them Jesus loves them enough to live there forever.

After all, Jesus said we had to become just like a child to enter into His kingdom.
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