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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Book Review: THE RIDE OF A LIFETIME by Kitty McGregor

Note from Anne: Before I write a review of a book, I like to find out a bit about the author, if possible friend him or her on FaceBook, and provide a link not only to a place to buy his/her book but also to his/her website.

Usually, that's pretty easy-beasy stuff, but Mrs. McGregor seems a little less one to shout her existance. But she truly does exist, I promise. She and her husband have an Appaloosa horse ranch in Oklahoma, and you will know (if you read her book) she loves the Lord and she loves writing.

Rodeo rider Luke McCade spent many years of paying brief visits to his wife and daughter and long months riding the rodeo circuit. When he decides to go home, he finds his teenage son Connor reluctant to accept him, especially when his father accepts a job in Oklahoma. As a died-in-the wool Texan, Connor categorically hates all things Oklahoman.

Luke and Hannah find a church to go to near their new home. Connor goes along, but finds it boring. Well, except for the cute girls. One is especially attractive--Emily. And Emily is attracted back. They have a youth group.

Hm. Could be okay--they do things like going to the mall, no indication that they study the Bible in any way, shape, or form. And the prayer Emily leads is...well...sorta sacreligious.

What is going on with this church? Luke and Hannah wonder, even Connor wonders. They're pretty sure this is where God wants them, but they're not happy with the activities--no Bible studies, no prayer meetings, and dull sermons.

They find out one evening when Connor brings a girls back to their home who needs help. It's certainly not what they expected.

If you click on the picture above, it will take you to to where you can buy the book. Go ahead. I dare you.
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