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Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Review: PAYNE AND MISERY by Catherine Leggitt

You remember that nosy neighbor who always knows everything about all the people who live within a country mile of her? You know, the one in the quick stop who stares with suspicion at everyone she sees? Peeks out from behind curtains? Snoops in your garage when you're not home?

This book is about her. Christine Sterling is her name. Her husband Jesse doesn't understand why she sees wolves behind every little incident. The deputies at the Sheriff's department sigh and become unavailable when she calls. Their friends down the road, Zora Jane and Ed, try to lead her away from her proclivities. But Christine knows what she knows. Her instinct is infallible.

Okay, so it's not infallible, but that family down the road? Something's wrong there, but no one will believe her. She must come up with proof.

Poor anorexic Lila disappears. Will, her husband--uh, no, boyfriend. Or something. He disappears about the same time each day, but he always comes back. His sister Helen--well, let's just say her crazy driving is a great indicator of her personality. And Molly, Christine's beloved little border collie also comes up missing.

Clues abound. Why doesn't anyone believe her? Grab the book quick and find out how things turn out for this busybody--ah, really curious lady.

Great job, Catherine Leggitt, from a wonderfully unique point of view!

Available from Ellechor Publishing House, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel.
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