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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Book Review: GIVE US THIS DAY by June Foster

<i>Bellewood Book One</i>: Give Us This Day
June Foster's delightful debut book, Give Us This Day, released last week. It is available at this time only in e-book format--which doesn't seem to stop many people these days. It's a much less expensive way to build a library, isn't it? Um, if you don't count the e-book reader, anyway. But even then--after a few years, it's definitely less expensive!

Jess Colton, the hero in this book, is a flawed human being. Jess meets the heroine, Holly Harrison, in a stuck elevator in the upscale Seattle apartment building they both call home. Jess works to calm the panicky woman as he summons help from te apartment manager.

Holly is impressed with this gentle man. She looks through his size to the warm heart and begins to feel an attraction. She trusts him--but not with her secret--or secrets. No one knows them but her sister and her former boyfriend. And even he doesn't know the worst part of her secret.

Jess's overeating is hard to hide--he's huge.  When he's around Holly, he restrains himself, but when she's not, he cannot. The sweets call to him with a siren song that he can't resist.

Both of them have well-meaning families who try to "help" them. Jess's father and sister constantly berate him about his weight, offering not only criticism but way too many suggestions. Holly's sister constantly reminds her of past sins and that God couldn't possibly love her or forgive her. The problem is that both Jess and Holly believe what they're told.

It takes a deadly crisis to bring them both around. But I'm not going to tell you what it is--you'll have to buy the book yourself to find out what happens...

Give Us This Day is available through Desert Breeze Publishing, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel.

I am incredibly privileged to call June Foster "friend." If you looked up "sweetness personified," you would find her picture there. Her constant encouragement and love of God flow through this book.

Thank you, June, and may you produce many, many more books to build our faith even as we are entertained!
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