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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Book Review: GIVE THE LADY A RIDE by Linda Yezak

Wow, what a ride! Now, I'm really not into bull riding, and it's hard for me to believe a sane man, let alone a responsible, ranch-owning woman, would voluntarily climb onto the back of an angry, 1000-pound animal determined to get rid of you one way or the other. No wonder the hero prays before and after every ride.

I have to admit, though, this book held me tightly glued to the pages from the first to the last.

When New Yorker Patricia Talbert, daughter of a US Senator, inherits a ranch in Texas from an uncle she barely remembers, she has to go check it out before she puts it on the market. She and best friend Marie fly into DFW, rent a sports car, and spend a weekend going over the ranch.
They weren't planning on being distracted by a couple of good-looking cow hands. Or a rodeo weekend. Or a steak cookoff.

Come to think of it, the cowboys--especially the foreman--really weren't counting on the ladies grabbing chunks of their hearts. Foreman Talon Carlson loved the ranch. The owners had taken him in and raised him as their own son when his parents died. Talon hoped they would will the ranch to him.

But no, they gave it to this little bitty blonde from New York City, of all things. And she wants to sell it. What would he do to keep her from selling it? Charm the lady? Teach her to ride a bull? Now, wait a minute. That's going a little far.

Or is it?

Linda Yezak's Give the Lady a Ride is available in e-book or hard copy through her website,, or Barnes and Nobel.
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