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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thomas Nelson Review: The Expanded Bible

As I mentioned earlier this week, I volunteered to blog about Bibles and study materials published by Thomas Nelson. The Expanded Bible is one of the Bibles I received at the end of December. Now, there may be some who can read the entire Bible in a couple of weeks, but I'm not one of them. A few chapters is all I can absorb. More than that would be TMIFMBTAAOT. (For you texters, that's "Too Much Information For My Brain To Absorb At One Time.")

This is a study Bible, a heavy, thick tome. It's meant to be digested more than a few chapters at a time. The translators took the literal translation and traditional wordings and provided expanded meanings and glimpses into history to clarify the reading. It also has wide margins for you to make your own notes.

I don't know anything about your Bible collection, by I like variation in mine. Sometimes when a passage raises questions in my mind, I like to go to another translation and read the same one by a different writer. In the same manner that different authors phrase things in a way that some understand and some don't, different translators bring new understanding to the passages we've read a dozen times.

The Expanded Bible is for the serious Christian, one who wants to get to know God better and better over the years. Are you one?
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