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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book Review: Whisper on the Wind by Maureen Lang

Whisper on the Wind
This World War I novel takes place in Louvain, Belgium where a young man risks his life to publish an undergrand newspaper, La Libre Belgigue. Edward Kirkland and his family had been owners of an exclusive hotel in Louvain, now a mass of debris and ashes. Isabelle Lassone's wealthy parents had lived in Louvain and often sent Isa to the hotel to spend her time with the Kirkland family. Now Belgium was occupied by the German army, and here she was stealing her way INTO Belgium.

Edward thought of her as a spoiled child, even though his mother loved her as her own. Even though Isa was now a grown woman. Despite the fact that she loved him even more than she had as a youngster. In spite of her goal to get Edward and his mother and brother out of Belgium to freedom.

Therefore, Isa now has multiple problems. She must hide the fact that she snuck into Belgium. She regains control of her parent's home, and she must use it to hide Edward and his illegal printing press and to provide a safe home for his mother at the same time that a German officer recovers from wounds upstairs. And she must ward off the attentions of an attentive officer who takes offense at women who refuse his advances.

This is an intense view of The Great War and the hardships in an occupied country. Follow Isa and Edward as they struggle to accomplish impossible goals. Even knowing a historical romance usually has a happily ever after, Whispers on the Wind kept me guessing until the end. I'm thinking you will, too.

Well done, Maureen.
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