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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just Thinking: Inquiring minds want to know...

Everyone in the whole world who blogs will be blogging today and tomorrow about events of the past year and/or hopes for next year. Well--shall I follow the crowd? Shall I talk about the new year or the old?

Some of each. I'll lead off, but I'm hoping really hard someone will comment this time. Click the sentence below this blog that says, "Click HERE..."

The biggest blessing of the year? I'm not sure, but maybe it was that precious moment when an agent said of my manuscript, "This is good." I'd been wondering if I misheard God. I thought He wanted me to write, but thus far no one in authority had said anything that gave me hope that perhaps I really was following God's will.

My most trying event last year? Probably my husband's declining health. He developed painful arthritis in his wrists a few months ago that hasn't gone away in addition to the Parkinson's. I spent a few sleepless nights wondering how long it would be before we would need to move to an extended care facility. Growing old really isn't for sissies.

What do I hope for in 2012? Health for my family. Time to write. Time to pray. The hope that I will listen to God in the writing and in the living. The hope that this year will bring blessings that you all need.

It's your turn. I do want to hear from you. What blessings and trials happened in your life this past year? What would you love to happen this next year?
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