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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Review: Code Triage by Candace Calvert

Code Triage: The Code nobody at Golden State Mercy Hospital ever wanted to hear. A gunman has injured or killed people, and the hospital is locked down, now. Nobody in or out. Dr. Leigh Stathos likes to keep busy. It keeps her from thinking about her estranged husband and that woman. But perhaps not this busy. Not at the expense of human lives.

Samantha Gordon is the other woman, and she would do anything to draw Nick Stathos away from his wife and into her life forever. Nick is the perfect man for her. She would do anything...anything.

Officer Stathos hears the call over the police radio that Mercy has big problems, all he can think of is Leigh might be hurt. He's the first officer on the scene, and when the gunman comes through the door and aims the gun at him, he shoots.

This is bad. Nick has killed a man, a father with two young children. Leigh has thrown Nick out. And Samantha is desperate. How can this mess have a solution?

Candace Culvert is a Northern California native who began her nursing career in rural Oregon, and later moved to Hill Country Texas--where she learned to check her shoes for scorpions and plucked an armadillo from her swimming pool. Thinks cruising is the best way to travel: honeymooned in Venice, swam with stingrays, rode a camel at the pyramids, and sang (badly) with a Newfoundland country band. She loves cooking, dancing the Two Step, bird watching, and gets goose bumps when her handsome husband hits the low notes at karaoke. She’s wild about Beth Moore Bible studies, and recently graduated from The Community of Hope training for lay chaplains. Candace published a series of madcap cruise mysteries in the mainstream market, and now writes inspirational fiction because . . .

God blessed her with a quirky wit, buoyant optimism, and a contagious sense of fun--but she didn’t come to know him until after the Triple Whammy that turned her life into bad country song. A painful and unexpected divorce, the merciless Northern California floods of 1997, and (just when she was coping like a champ, no problem) an equestrian accident that left her with fractured ribs, a bleeding lung, broken back, neck fractures and a spinal cord injury. She’ll tell you that God took drastic measures to get her attention.

In the months of rehabilitation, Candace healed in body and spirit. And came to fully understand the difference between being a strong woman and a woman of strength. The difference is faith, and that lesson has been her biggest blessing. Her story, “By Accident,” appears in Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul, and launched her writing career. Now . . .

She is honored to bring readers a new medical drama series offering exciting entertainment and a healthy dose of hope. In these challenging times, she thinks it’s exactly what the doctor ordered!

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