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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just Thinking: Weeds and Wildflowers

A month ago, Hubby and I discovered the most beautiful wildflower growing next to our exit road. Tall (about 3 feet and growing), prolific (lots of flowers), and beautiful (the brightest yellow flower I've seen). A week ago, we found out that instead it is an invasive weed. I hope we got it in time to keep it from spreading. Sometimes beauty is deceptive, isn't it?
Several places in the Bible warn us about weeds.
 Take Acts 20:29-30 for example. Paul was leaving the church at Ephesus for Jerusalem. He warned them that people in their own group would arise as leaders trying to lead people away from Jesus, or at least about the real Jesus. Some folks like to redefine the Lord after their own wants rather than how He actually is. Make Him a little more comfortable, a little less demanding.
In Matthew 13, Jesus told us the parable of the seeds. Remember, some seeds fell among the weeds and were choked out? They died (or their faith died) because the cares of the world (busy-ness?) kept them from growing.
Does that mean we should avoid the weeds? I think that depends on how strong we are. Some of us are able to train the weeds to become garden flowers. Some beautiful weeds, hard as it might sound, must be banished. Most of us, though, would be better off avoiding the influence of weeds. We have some wildflowers in our flowerbed--California poppies and columbine, to name a couple. We really enjoy the color they add to our front yard. And we have some domestic flowers that would love to take over--for instance, the violets. I've been battling them ever since we planted them 13 years ago. A good flower gone wolfish, seeking to gobble up the whole yard.
So where am I going with this, anyway? Have you ever gotten into an organization where someone tried to change the focus? Maybe a church where the pastor would rather rail against someone he/she had a disagreement with than provide food for the growth of the good plants? One man or woman in the congregation who jumped all over people who opposed them? Or maybe a civic group where one single person stirred so much discontent the group broke up?
I guess we could all name a dozen or so instances like this. So tell me--are you a weed? Or are you the hoe? If so, how do you tame the weeds? Or do you just hobnob with them and hope they won't take over?
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