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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Book Review: Nobody's Child by Austin Boyd

Once in awhile, you pick up a book and you can't put it down. This is one of them. I lost some much needed sleep because of you, Mr. Austin Boyd!

Bioethics. A word Laura Ann McGehee had probably never heard before. But the violent repercussions she experienced left her no cause to doubt that the method she'd chosen to pay the bills for her father's fatal illness and the morgage on their property had a cost of its own. She kept the secret and the shame to herself until a pregnant woman, Sophia McQuistion, showed up on her doorstep the day of the big storm that washed out her only access to the rest of the world.

Sophia had no choice but to stay, and the only place for her to stay was with Laura Ann. Not even Ian Stewart, the resourceful game warden who was also Laura Ann's devoted boyfriend, could get to the island.

Laura Ann and Sophia find a common thread that binds them irrevocably together, and they combine their spiritual and physical strength to save Sophia's baby. A conniving relative, a greedy donor, and dire circumstances whirl out of control. Quick, run to the library or the nearest bookstore and help them find the solution!
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