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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Book Review: The Great Christmas Bowl by Susan May Warren

Are you one of those folks who have a hard time saying “No?” To the point where you chase yourself around the block and meet yourself coming and going?

Well, then, this one by Susan May Warren might be just the book for you.

Marianne Wallace loves to be involved in her family’s lives. She’s always been a football fan, but none of her sons seemed interested in tossing the pigskin, until her youngest, Kevin, enters his senior year in high school. She faithfully attended every football game as his biggest fan. In fact, folks might have thought she got a little rowdy, she cheered so much and so loudly for the Trouts.

The Big Lake, Minnesota, team had a chance at the championship, but they lost their mascot. Bud Findlayson, the man who faithfully donned the trout costume every game got so excited at a game that he had a heart attack. Not just had a heart attack, but the cardiologist said he needed a major operation to put him back on his feet. No way he could cheer the team on to the state championship. The team was despondent. They counted on their mascot to give them their good luck high five—er, high fin—as they ran onto the field. Kevin volunteers his Mom.

She never has been able to deny him anything. Especially since he seldom asks for anything. That “Please, Mom?” has ever been her downfall.

And her husband, Mike, volunteers her to take over the annual Christmas Tea at church. One faction wants the same tried and true Swedish meatballs . Others want a change. Marianne wants to hide.

To make matters worse, it’s looking more and more like none of their other four children can come home for Christmas. Depression time.

Oh, dear, I don’t see how all this can have a positive outcome.

This is a neat book for a Christmas read. You might like to try it out. I know—hard to find time for anything additional this time of year. But—it’s not a thick book. It’s a fast read. Go ahead. You know you can’t say “No.”
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