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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book Review: "A Test of Faith" by Karen Ball

Karen, you did it again. When I read your Breaking Point, I felt sure you spoke from experience before I ever got to the end of the book—and you confirmed it at the back of the book. Since reading Breaking Point, I’ve come to know you a little, thanks to the Write to Inspire conference in Elk Grove, California.

So again I could hear your voice—perhaps with even more clarity—in A Test of Faith, especially when approaching The End. I knew from things you said at the conference you did experience the heartaches of your mother dying after an operation that should have improved her life.

I remember you said that your editor approached you to write a book about a daughter experiencing her mother’s death. I can relate to the heart-wrenching separation from my mother, even though she had made the commitment to Christ years earlier and I knew she went to join our wonderful Lord's open arms.

Perhaps the strongest part of A Test of Faith, though, might have been Part I, at least for me. I ached for the teenager, Faith, who ran from all who loved her into the arms of disaster. I wept with her parents, Anne and Jered, when Anne felt she drove Faith away.

Now that I’ve given way too much of the book away, I really hope you folks will still read it. Anyone who struggled with the parent/child relationship and felt like a total parent failure, boy will you relate. Anyone who was a rebellious child—or maybe you still are—you will understand as you never understood before.

And be helped as maybe you never were before.

It’s worth every penny.

Including the postage…

If you would like to know a little more about Karen and her books, click here.
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